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Apply for Fall 2024 Enrollment Here


Welcome to the FAME-USA Student Portal

Before You Begin—

Which Chapter..?

You will select which chapter(s) to submit your application; if you are not sure, check out the locations.

A Few Details

You will self-report some academic information (GPA, scores, etc.) in this application that will be validated when you apply to the college partner for your chapter. For this application, an unofficial transcript is fine—later when applying to the college you will need an official transcript.  You will be asked to upload the transcript, so consider having it in PDF form to make it easy to upload.

You will be asked to tell us something about youself as part of this process. Consider tell us about the following: Why are you interested in the FAME AMT program? What have you done to prepare for this program? What do you hope to gain from your experience in the program? What else should employers know about you?

All Set?

Great! But if not, no worriesYou can save your progress and complete the application later if you need to do so.  When you log back into the system, click “edit” to continue your application under the “incomplete” section.  Bookmark this page to make it easy to come back later.

Thanks, and we look forward to welcoming you to the FAME USA family!

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